Publications funded by the Ann Hill Research Bequest

The most significant work of the Committee was the commissioning of an archaeological, paleo-environmental and architectural survey of the parish under the guidance of Mr Roger Mercer, at that time on the staff of Edinburgh University and now Secretary of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. The results of the survey were published in 1997 as No.6 of the Ann Hill Research Bequest Publications:

Kirkpatrick Fleming, Dumfriesshire β€” An Anatomy of a Parish in South West Scotland

The main chapters cover the following:

These are rounded off with a full discussion and conclusion by Mr Mercer himself.

The most recent publication funded by the Ann Hill Bequest is

Kirkpatrick Fleming β€”On the Borders of History

by the late Duncan Adamson and his daughter Sheila Adamson, published in 2011. This is a lavishly illustrated, hard-backed book of 208 pages in A4 format. The main chapters cover the following.

Thirteen appendices, covering 38 pages, give much detailed information.

The History and Archaeology of Kirkpatrick Fleming Parish
No.1 Ann Hill and her Family. A Memorial by D. Adamson (1986)
No.2* Kirkpatrick Fleming Poorhouse by D.Adamson (1986)
No.3* Kirkpatrick Fleming Miscellany
   Mossknow Game Register 1875
   Diary of J. Gordon Graham 1854
edited by D. Adamson and I.S. MacDonald (1987)
No.4* Middlebie Presbytery Records by D. Adamson (1988)
No.5* Kirkpatrick Fleming Miscellany
   How Sir Patrick Maxwell worsted the Devil
   Fergus Graham of Mossknow and the Murder at Kirkpatrick
both by W.F. Cormack (1989)
No.6 Kirkpatrick Fleming, Dumfriesshire — An Anatomy of a Parish in South West Scotland
by Roger Mercer and others (1997)
No.7* The Tower-Houses of Kirtleside by Alastair M. T. Maxwell-Irving (1998)

Nos.1 to 5, and 7 are crown quarto in size with a 2-colour titled card cover. No.6 is A4 hardback with reprint in laminated soft cover. Publications marked * are reprinted from the Transactions.