Regional Ethnology of Scotland – records of everyday life during the COVID-19 outbreak

Despite the enormity of it all, one thing is certain — we are living through extraordinary times.

If you are interested in helping Dumfries Museum to record the situation as it is in 2020, we are working with the University of Edinburgh's ethnology programme to build historic records of what life is like just now in Dumfries and Galloway. We definitely don't want people to make special trips out or take any risks, but maybe, at home or on your way to the shop, or whilst volunteering, if you see something that's different or unusual, happen to have your phone with you, and would like to contribute a photo to the national record — then please send it to us at It could be taken from your front door, a window, or from a car, it might be a photo of you home schooling, volunteering or working in front-line services. The project aims to capture the mood of a nation so that people in the future can know what it was like.

We suggest that files are no larger than 3MB in size. Place the words Covid-19 Record in the subject line of your email and send to

If you can, please also send information about the images. The information we are looking for is:

  • Photographer’s image reference number:
  • Date taken:
  • Time take:
  • Photographer's name:
  • Photographer's contact details:
  • Description of the image (e.g. Deserted Dumfries High Street viewed from the Midsteeple.):
  • Context for the photograph (e.g. taken while out for a walk as allowed daily exercise or while delivering food parcels as a volunteer for x):
  • I agree to the conditions of donating my images as noted below:

Important information!

The management of this Project lies with the European Ethnological Research Centre (EERC), Celtic & Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh. Dumfries Museum is participating in partnership with the EERC.

In sharing your image(s) with Dumfries Museum all participants give their permission for the EERC, the University of Edinburgh and Dumfries Museum to use their personal data to enable collation and storage of the materials generated. In particular, participants are agreeing to allow Dumfries Museum to store images digitally and use them to record the effect of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic on our local area. The museum may use it in the future on the internet, in public displays or publications. Along with the image, the museum will store your contact details so that we can speak to you in the future about how your image is being used.


For further information about the project and instructions on how to also submit video or audio files please visit