Simple Search

The search facility that appears on all pages covers the whole site, excluding any PDF documents, so the contents of TDGNHAS volumes are not searched. However, their contents can be searched by using TDGNHAS cards, as explained below.

It is an AND search, so, for example, if two words are entered, it finds any document that contains both words.

Advanced Search

If a simple search doesn't yield a satisfactory result, try using the Advanced Search facility that appears on results pages of a simple search. This allows one to use an OR search, searches involving a phrase and to limit the search to pages of various types.

The most useful types are:

  • Biography: pages giving biographies of former office bearers and eminent members of the Society
  • Event Notice: pages giving notices of events, both present and past, promoted on the Home page of the website
  • Meeting Report: pages giving reports of meetings of the Society over the last few years, essentially the same as the Proceedings of the society published in TDGNHAS
  • News Item: pages giving news items, both present and past, reported on the Home page of the website
  • TDGNHAS Card: index cards covering TDGNHAS from the first volume of the first series to the latest online volume of the third series
  • Volume Contents: essentially the contents pages of all the published volumes of TDGNHAS


The set of TDGNHAS index cards was derived from the comprehensive TDGNHAS database produced by James Williams and further extended after his death in 2009. Searching using index cards is the best way of accessing material published in TDGNHAS, covering both authors and topics.

For each item referenced the card gives

  • the author(s)
  • title (or similar reference)
  • a list topics touched on
  • a link giving the volume and page number for the referenced item

Clicking on the link should download the online volume and open it at the required page, though some browsers simply download the volume but fail to open it at the required page.

Important Note

The PDF files from Volume 68 of Series III onwards are relatively small files (between 1mb and 5mb) prepared by the printers and download quickly on most devices. However, the earlier PDF files were all produced by scanning the paper volumes and some of these are enormous, many being over 30mb and one is a monstrous 250mb. Accessing these using a mobile device may not be wise or practicable.