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The Eleventh Hadrian's Wall Archaeology Forum

The programme will include the following talks:

  • Results of the 2019 season at Vindolanda (Dr Andrew Birley)
  • Recent excavations outside the fort at Benwell (Richard Carlton; Tony Liddell)
  • Fieldwork undertaken as part of the Wallcap project (Dr Rob Collins)
  • The results of further analyses of burials excavated at Birdoswald in 2009 (Tony Wilmott)
  • A study of coinage in the northern frontier zone (Douglas Carr).

See the poster for more information.

The Queen’s Hall, Hexham
Saturday, 29 February 2020, 9.45 - 4.15

Clish-Clash, the e-newsletter of the Scottish Local History Forum

Clish-Clash is the e-newsletter of the Scottish Local History Forum.

The newsletter gives recent and forthcoming news about activities in the local history community.

“Clish-clash” means “repeated gossip” in Scots, and the newsletter passes on information about local history activities.

The aim is to issue Clish-Clash bi-monthly, but this depends on the amount of information received from SLHF members and others.